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About Alejandra

Welcome to XAD, the site where Alejandra Domínguez displays the garments and products straight out from the images she registers. Her work seeks for symbols of the past in the present, where worn out walls, ancient hues of pink, found symbols, and a certain Oriental melancholy takes over her aesthetics.

Feel free to see, explore and contact her for any inquiries and information via alejandra@xad.cl

+91 8779018664 (IN)


'La propuesta “weareable art” de XAD' - ModaCl Oct '18

'Pañuelismo' - Revista Paula dic '17

'India from the Outside' - Beejliving, India, oct '17

'XAD: indumentaria desde el rescate gráfico y simbólico' - Quinta Trends, ago '17

'XAD, el vestuario en movimiento' - ModaCl, feb '17


You can check here Alejandra's commissioned works about brand atmosphere, creative direction and design.